Parts of a Mini-Golf Course. 

Your course needs to have these elements.

  1. Start or the hole
  2. Cup, hole, or obvious end of the course
  3. Obstacle or challenge for the course
  4. Walls to keep the ball on your course
  5. A micro-controlled motorized element

The pizza boxes will be used as the base or turf of the hole.  The Woodard boxes are for structures.


  1. Pick Theme
  2. Layout hole with obstacle on it.
  3. Design obstacles
  4. Build
  5. Refine
  6. Wiring
  7. Refine
  8. Art incorporation and Painting
  9. Refine


Each of these roles needs to be filled.  More than one person can fill any role.

  1. Coding
  2. Obstacle construction
  3. Layout Construction (turf, start, finish, walls)
  4. Art and Design
  5. Course engineering and wiring.

Here is basic example of dividing labor.  One of us made the start, another the end, and the another person made the windmill.   We brought it all to one place to assemble.  It took about 20 minutes to make some modifications and fit it all together.  

Tips for a good mini golf hole

  1. You will need to raise the turf to the height of the cup you are using for the hole.  Decide if you want the whole course at that level or a ramp built in somewhere.   A yogurt cup is a perfect cup for your hole.
  2. Make it playable – it should be easy to figure out and maneuver.
    • Hole in one should be possible and no more than 4 mandatory hits to finish.
  3. Don’t make your walls  higher than necessary.
  4. To finish on time take look at the steps above, think about how many weeks it will take to complete each part, and add them up.

The Design process

The Design Process is an approach to engineering and design.  You may have already seen a version of this chart.   This visualization was taken from The Museum of Science.  The most important aspect is that the process is circular.  You are not done after you create, you must improve and create again.  The design process is similar to writing a paper.  You come up with an idea; plan your outline; write a first draft; and then you rewrite it.  You should never turn in your first design/draft as completed.