Week 2

Zoom Link for the class.  Copy this link, it will be the same link every week and will be removed from the website after class today.


2:30   Get Zoom session going 

2:45   Get out micro controller parts and chromebooks 

3:00   Start Coding

  1. Blinking Heart tutorial
  2. Dice tutorial
  3. Snap the Dot tutorial
  4. Hook up the Crickit and download the extension 
  5. Make a servo move

3:45   Design and discussion

4:00   Fill out design page

4:15   Survey

Materials needed for class

  1. Microbit and data cable
  2. computers/chromebooks
  3. Crickit motor controller
  4. hot glue gun
  5. cardboard knives
  6. cardboard

Links for today

  1. MakeCode for Micro:bit
  2. Layout and Design Worksheet
  3. Student Entrance Survey




1st Week


Schedule is subject to change.

2:30   Get Zoom session going 

2:45    Introductions and Class description

3:00    Resources and website

3:15    Get out the Materials and ask questions.  Come up with a storage solution for the stuff.  Break until 3:30pm

3:30    Discuss the criteria for the golf course and show the video

3:45    Discuss how they will draw out the golf course and how the pizza boxes are going to fit together.

4:00    Team criteria for next class and pretesting.


Links for todays class:

Youtube mini golf Course

Student Entrance Survey

Layout and Design Worksheet