Crickit and Neopixels

NeoPixels are connected on three terminals labeled “NeoPixel”.  GND is connected to GND.  +5V to 5V, and the arrow terminal to the Din pin on the NeoPixel.  We are working with the Micro:bit version of the Crickit but the Circuit Playground Express version is similar.

Note that the Crickit has a single Neopixel built in.

You will need to add the NeoPixels extension to MakeCode to control NeoPixels.  Click Advanced and then Add Package.  Look for and select the Adafruit NeoPixels extension.  You should now have a block group called Neopixel which will have the blocks you need for NeoPixel control.

In this example we are setting the strip to NeoPixel at pin 16 and shifting a rainbow animation.  Note we are setting this strip for 24 leds, you will need to modify this value with the amount of leds your strip has.