Registration for the 2020-21 Season of Project Make It has started!

Registration is for students/members of our partner organizations: Mathews Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Club, New City School and Herbert Hoover/Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Greater StL. Please contact your organization directly for enrollment/registration.

Starting November 3, 2020

Prizes this year will be Awarded to the best 3 teams

1st  $100 visa gift card to each team member (up to 4)

2nd  $50  Amazon gift card to each team member (up to 4)

3rd   $25  Amazon gift card to each team member (up to 4)

There will be $50 Amazon gift cards raffled off.  Anyone who finishes is eligible.


This year will be taught hybrid style and be prepared to be flexible.  Some of our students will be working from home some will be in going back to school halfway through the session.  We’re going to figure it out.


The Mini-golf Challenge is a 12-week robotics style build where students work in small teams to design and construct mini-golf holes out of cardboard. Each hole will feature motors and lights that will be programmed by the students. Teams from each site will get together to share ideas and see each other’s work in progress.  At the end of the Challenge, we will put all the holes together to create a playable course and have a celebration with a judged competition.